Having personal information protected: mission possible ensured by privacy experts


Everything is moving at an astonishing pace. People travel more for leisure and choose to study or work away from their home countries. We all leave traces about our activities like shopping, dining, internet surfing. Big data is becoming the king of sales and everyone wants to know everything about where we are and what we are. But do we want all about us to be known?  The comfort zone and sense of personal privacy greatly varies from person to person.

So how to define this comfort zone that makes us feel safe to share personal information? There are several privacy warriors that fight for our rights on visible and invisible fronts:

  • Whenever we share information about ourselves, we make an informed decision what we need and want to share to get expected level of service. Well-designed service portal will explain what data is needed and why and will allow to make changes through settings. Again well designed service will not use data collected for any other purpose than what user provided it for.
  • Once data is being collected, it needs to be transferred, processed and stored securely for as long as data is needed and deleted securely once the need is no longer there. Safekeeping personal data is usually couple with data hygene and data minimization: keep data up-to-data and keep only what is needed.
  • To make things happen, privacy experts put together all necessary safeguards and guidelines that companies and projects need to follow. Privacy experts help to design projects that give us comfortable and assuring user experience on the front end and high standard of data protection behind the scenes.
  • To make sure privacy of personal data is treated with utmost respect, significant role is played by government regulations in various countries when certain rules of data handling are set as a national standard and companies operating in this space must obey the rules. When nations unite, we see a larger and more significant effort set forth to ensure common ground for privacy rules. Best example is General Data Protection Regulation approved by European Commission in 2016 and to be ratified by 2018

The role of privacy program manager is to make sure that business complies with national and regional privacy regulations, demonstrates presence and execution of privacy program and supports product design to instill good level of privacy with high level of usability of product and security of data.

At Privaon we will help to keep privacy compliance of your products high and risk level low. We can guide you with product design that would keep privacy bar high and put together all that is needed for a successful operational privacy program. You don’t have to be alone. Contact us and start with Privaon’s free pilot service. Transform your data privacy responsibilities into possibilities.

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Anna Zhuang

Anna Zhuang, Senior Privacy Specialist at Privaon Oy, has been working in the area of security and privacy close to 15 years. She has a special interest in translating privacy to state of the art, seamless user experience where user makes decisions with comfort and confidence. Moreover, well-designed products come from well-trained experts. Keeping the privacy awareness bar high among company engineers is another passion of hers. This all is backed by a good blend of expertise in the area of technology creation and management, product marketing, partner engagement and more.



The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy programme management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make a privacy programme work for your organisation. In other words, you’re the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to data protection