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Hacking – Ethical and legal job

Security conceptWe live in time where security is above all and we seek it everywhere. Considering that Information Technology is all around us, present in every part of our lives, it represents the most important asset we need to secure.

Developers of IT products are making them to be more functional and less secure because of constant battle for making good regulatory security policy for all areas where IT is present, like communications and healthcare. We know now that it’s not enough anymore only to make the IT product compliant with regulatory security policy because a security gap appears in time between old and new updated version of the policy. This gap makes IT products to be unsecure and vulnerable to attacks that are threatening our lives.

But there is positive thing that is dedicated to make this gap shorten as much as possible. That is a Hacker, ethical and legal one. Ethical Hacker is defined as person that have passion for IT security and desire to make IT products more secure followed with constantly learning the technology. It is easy to recognize ethical and legal hackers (called WhiteHat Hackers) from dark side hackers (called BlackHat Hackers) by their intent and legal actions. WhiteHat hackers are also security researchers that discover vulnerabilities and help in removal.

Nowadays there is lot of work and big possibility to make money with ethical hacking as everyday job. Growing need for penetration testing and security research is making ethical hackers needed more than ever. The shortage of ethical hackers is getting on rise these years where by organization (ISC)2 research paper, recorded need of 2.25 million persons in year 2013 will be enlarged by 4.25 million people in year 2017.

Finding new vulnerabilities and making IT products more secure is ethical hacker dream come true. Today, Commercial and open source IT vendors are making this dream possible and they provide very good pricing awards for ethical hackers that will make there IT products more secure. From prices that start in 50 euros and goes above half of million euros, each new discovered vulnerability is secure income for ethical hackers. IT vendors that are making this possible are: Aptible, Asana, AT&T, Avast!, Amazon, Badoo, Barracuda Networks, Bountysource, Bittrex, Blogger, Chromium Project, Coinbase, Coinkite, Cpanel, Dropbox, Ethereum, Etsy, Facebook, FastMail, FoxyCart, Gallery, getClouder, Ghostscript, Github, Google, Greenhouse.io, HackerOne, Helpscout, Heroku, Hex-Rays, Indeed, Instagram, Instructure, Kraken, LaunchKey, Lookout, MacOS X Bitcoin LevelDB data corruption issue, Magento, Mail.Ru, Marktplaats, Mega.co.nz, Meraki, Microsoft (bounty programs), Mozilla, National Cyber Security Center (Netherlands), Netagio, Net Worth Pro, Oculus, Olark, Onavo, Orkut, Parse, PasteCoin, Paypal, PikaPay, Piwik, Polar SSL, Prezi, Qiwi, Qmail, Regiobank NL, Riot Games, Ripple, Samsung, SBWire, Shopify, Simple, SimplyBuilt, SNS Bank NL, Square, StatusPage.io, Sunrise, Tagged, Tarsnap, Telegram, Tresorit, Tumblr, Twitter, Veridu, Websecurify, Western Union, WHMCS, Wink Inc, Yahoo, Yandex, YouTube and many more that offer or  prepare to open bounty program in future.

Ethical hackers are known and recognized by professional IT security certifications that give methodological approach and have deserved respect in this business. One of fast growing certification in IT security is Certified Ethical Hacker issued from vendor EC-Council. This certification covers almost all areas in ethical hacking: terminology and methodology, attacks from different technologies, security from programing point of view, basic skills for using hacking tools and many more. EC-Council has also other professional certifications that comes in line after Certified Ethical Hacker, like Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator to continue with specialty in forensics or EC-Council Security Analyst and Penetration Testing for advance penetration testers and security researchers.

If someone wants to get into ethical hacking job, then there is no other way to master the hacking technologies then to become Certified Ethical Hacker.

Ec-Council Certified Ethical Hacker CEH9 (5.0 pv)

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Mane Pipervski

Mane is an Information Technology Expert with extensive experience in Information Security. Over 10 years in IT industry and 5 years’ experience in field of Information Security. With a breadth of technology skills, including networks, operating systems, databases and application development, Mane has provided IT services in various industry sectors such as banking, electronic payment services, transportation, software development companies, utilities, pension and disability insurance, state courts and government institutions. As experienced trainer and instructor Mane has conducted official EC-Council and Microsoft training classes for over 300 students all over Europe. As Security Expert he understands and knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems, how they work, how to investigate them and exploit for Proof of Concept.

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